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Magnum Bold 300

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Magnum Pharmaceuticals


Boldenone undecilenato (Equipose)


10 fiale (300mg/ml)

The effect of Magnum Bold 300 (Equipoise / Boldenone) is very similar with testosterone, but its aromatization is the same with nandrolone. It has an androgenic effect.

In developing the composition of the drug, emphasis was placed on extending its effectiveness so that it was similar to Methandrostenolone. But this steroid is endowed with completely different properties. Speaking about the structure of Magnum Bold 300, it should be noted that this is a Dianabol molecule. This testosterone molecule has a compound with carbon atoms. In developing the tool, pharmacists expected a more productive anabolic effect.

Due to the similarity of flavoring with nandrolone, Boldenone is often compared with it. But these are completely different drugs, which are primarily different in their properties and the mechanism of action on the body. The drug is produced in various forms, they differ only in the period of release of the active substance.


  • With this steroid, you can achieve the required mass gain of muscle fibers. This process is not as fast as when taking other anabolic steroids. But growth is characterized by an increase in high-quality muscles. This is achieved thanks to the lengthy ether that is applied.
  • But if you choose a different form of the drug, you can achieve faster results. Suitable for this purpose is boldenone acetate or propionate, which will accelerate hypertrophy.
  • The benefits of equipoise for joints are marked by an increase in collagen synthesis. Therefore, the risk of ligament rupture after its reception is reduced to zero. That can not be said about the other AAO, which deplete the joints.
  • With the application of strength will increase. This is due to an increase in body weight.
  • The active ingredient affects the growth of red blood cells. The number of blood cells increases dramatically. Due to this, the best aerobic metabolism occurs in the tissues. Muscles, due to oxygen saturation, can work at full capacity, while lactic acid will not clog them.
  • Increased appetite. The stamina rate increases, so many athletes who are engaged in a sport where endurance is necessary, resort to the use of the drug.


Usually the cycle of application is 2 to 2.5 months. Dosage, as mentioned above, is selected individually. But on average, it is 600 mg for men every 7 days. For women, 90 mg.

To avoid side effects, you must first take the minimum dosage. This will give the opportunity to feel the result of the reception and assess their feelings.


Many athletes who have completed the cycle of using this steroid, note its positive properties. With it, you can achieve a quality set of muscle mass. Of course, the gain is very slow, but given the lack of side effects and a long-term result after use, this fact is canceled.

Discussing the drug boldenone, athletes reviews are more positive. Although for the first experience of taking AAS, it is not recommended. Both the solo cycle and the combined one can give a good result.

Women using this tool, talk about the importance of compliance with dosages. If to apply Boldenon, accurately following recommendations of experts and the instruction, then no negative manifestations were noted.

Quick Overview: Sostanza: Boldenone undecylenate (Equipose)
Pacchetto: 10 fiale (300mg/ml)
Produttore: Magnum Pharmaceuticals

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